Fat and Lazy Liam Fox

Liam Fox believes Britain has become fat and lazy, but maybe he is talking about those who do not bother to understand what they are voting for in a referendum. Brexit offers great opportunities for Business is the meme but Fox think that exporting is not so much to be seen as opportunity than as “duty”.

What the hell is this man talking about? Businesses follow self-interest as a way of survival and that is the model of business. Government departments and services may have “duty” as their primary goal, but to think that capitalism is guided by some of kind eternal debt to Queen and Country is simply delusional.

And seeing the UK as some kind of factory that produces exports is also delusional, there are very good reasons our economy is based on services, we are a nation of the educated who become bankers and technology wizards. Much of our exports are intellectual property rather than things. Fox does not seem to understand what we are about.

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