sayingno – the film!

This 15 minute film documents the sayingno project. You can listen to the tracks of the sayingno CD here.

sayingno from Sophie Hope on Vimeo.

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Community event this Sunday!

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A special thanks go to all the residents who have contributed to the sayingno CD which has now been delivered to all homes on Crossfields Estate – your voices are truly inspirational! We hope you enjoy listening to this unique snapshot of a time and place and are as moved as we were when we were editing the voices together. We really think this is a vital and exciting document that brings the individual voices of a community together in an intimate and celebratory way. Thank you for sharing your stories of freedom, celebration, rebellion and sayingno with us and your neighbours.

Contributors to the CD include Adam, Alpha, Anana Krish + Suzie Rendell, Andy Forshaw + Ade, Anna + Ruth Hudson, Anton, Ben, Bunmi, Charles Hayward, Chi Nwobani, Chika + Grace, Chris Morgan, Claire Evans, Clement + Mecalla, Debbie Hughes, Dee, Duncan Grech, Eddie Reid, Elaine, Elise, Farhia, Fiona, Guillaume Crato, Heather, Heather M., Hedley Shaw, Ingvilid Isakden, James, Talbu + Richy, Jan, Javier, John Rhodes, Kieth Nicholson, Lucy, Maeve, Anne-Claire, Sylvia + Stella, Mark, Mark, Mei Ying, Mervion Kirwood, Michelle Hopwood, Miss Kante + Jaunet Remy, Murphy Adewale, Naomi, Nick Statham, Pat, Paulie, Piotr Ruszel, Rachel + Ken, Rafael, Raoul Amantchi, Ray, Riita, Rory Laird, Shaun Barweti, Shaz, Steve, Stuart, Sue Powell, Suresh, Sylvia van Mierlo, Syvia Ferreria, Rachel Eliott + Gemma Convelly, Tayo, Terry, Terry Edward, Tim Wilson + Mike, Tim’s friend, Tom, Tracy, William Ottie, Winston, Yazmine and all those who wished to remain anonymous.

Thanks also to the Tenants and Residents Association (Hugh Johnson in particular), Sue Lawes, Nicholas Alexander, Jake Strickland, Olivia Hornby, Treasa O’Brian, Simone and the staff of Deptford X.

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The Naughty Workshop

Sunday 19 September, 2-5pm

Pink Palace, Frankham House, Crossfields Estate

Free – all kids and parents welcome!

Join Leila and Sophie for a practical ‘naughty workshop’!

Banner-making and story-telling.

Where’s your favourite hiding place?

What do you do that you’re not supposed to?

How are you mischievious?

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questions, questions, questions…

What do you do to say no?

Where is your favourite hiding place?

What do you do to feel free?

How are you mischievous?

What things do you do that’s aren’t related to earning a living or going to school?

What do you do to rebel?

How do you waste time?

What are you daily celebrations?

What do you do to celebrate life?

What things do you like doing?

What things do you do in secret?

What do you that you’re not supposed to?

When did you last disobey instructions?

When did you last break a rule?

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A couple in Castell House cover their front in artificial grass. A child decides not to go to school and sits on a swing reading her book. A young woman in Browne House decides not to wear makeup for a day. In Cremer House a wife refuses to make dinner one night. A man in Wilshaw House doesn’t buy salad and instead cultivates his allotment. In Frankham House a woman collects small windmills and spends time on her balcony watching them spin. A young man in Holden House captures and collects images of council repairs not done. In Frankham House an old man used to keep a horse in his front room.

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The Naughty Tent at Crossfields Community Day

Come and visit Leila and Sophie in the ‘naughty tent’ at Crossfields Community Day, 12th September 2010, 2-7pm.
Adults – come and tell us your quiet acts of creative protest in our cosy tent.
Kids – make your sneaky masks.
Everyone – declare your creative confessions on helium balloons for a mass send off into the sky at the end of the day!
Crossfields Community Day

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Tea and Cakes

Residents of Crossfields Estate are invited to join Leila and Sophie for tea and cakes to find out more about sayingno on Saturday 7 August 2010, 2-4pm at Leila’s flat, 9 Frankham House, Crossfields Estate..Here is the poster for the first timeslot.PDF Download

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Artists in Residence Deptford X

sayingno is a project by Leila Galloway, Sophie Hope and residents of Crossfields Estate, Deptford for the 2010 Deptford X Festival.

Covering your front door with artificial grass. Not wearing make-up for one day. Cultivating lettuce. Watching small windmills spin.
How do we enact the freedom to dream, do different and rebel, despite or as part of the struggle to survive?

Galloway and Hope are carrying out an ‘ethnography’ of everyday life on Crossfields Estate, working with residents to create a public manifestation of ‘saying no’ as a form of silent protest.

On Sunday 3 October 2010, we call upon the citizens of Crossfields Estate, Deptford, to come together in a collective uprising to celebrate your everyday rebellions, different types of doing and creative acts of refusal. Together we will transform our community and for one day reclaim our freedom from the pressures of capitalist living. Down your tools and revel in your common acts of resistance, no matter how quiet or concealed.
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