Deptford says no to Tidemill becoming an academy

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Wake up Gove: letters from the Guardian

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Profit motive behind academies The coalition's academy programme is the reverse of that of Labour: it is now the outstanding schools, not the ones in deprived areas, which are given the ...more »

Parents loose respect for the school & galvanise the campaign

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  Tidemill invited parents to raise their views either by letter or in person. In a statement released by the school this week, headteacher Mark Elms said  the decision was made by the ...more »

Letter – Academies will damage our schools

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How can it be that academies, some of them with highly selective admission policies, are allowed to take chunks out of the school funding spent centrally by councils on society's ...more »

It’s a huge social experiment!

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"I believe in comprehensive education. Labour kickstarted [academies] but they've turned into a totally different beast. It drains funding from all the other schools. Personally, I think it will devastate ...more »