Deptford says no to Tidemill becoming an academy

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Local Blogs – £160 just two weeks before christmas!!

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Wake up Gove: letters from the Guardian

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Profit motive behind academies The coalition's academy programme is the reverse of that of Labour: it is now the outstanding schools, not the ones in deprived areas, which are given the ...more »

Tidemill: second push for academy

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On 4 May the Governors of Tidemill Primary School in Deptford voted to make a second application to become an academy. The school had hit the national news headlines last year ...more »

Don’t believe Government Spin: 70 schools in Lewisham are not academies

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There are over 20,000 secondary and primary schools in England. Despite the bribery and harrassment only 1,000 schools have applied to become Academies this year, and as the financial bribes ...more »


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PRESS RELEASE    Monday 9th May 2011 On Wednesday the 4th May 2011 the governing body of Tidemill School chose to ignore the vigorous campaign of considerable opposition from parents, ...more »

Cherry Picking & Leftovers

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The evils of Academies Cherry Picking & Leftovers The founding principle of the academy programme which sought to transform failed schools is now being subverted by a grand plan to ...more »

MPs warn school reforms risk eroding our rights

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Reforms threaten transparency and accountability, MPs warn The government's reforms to the NHS, schools, local authorities and Whitehall risk eroding the basic democratic principles of transparency and ministerial accountability, the parliamentary committee responsible ...more »