Deptford says no to Tidemill becoming an academy

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Another letter from the community! but will they listen?

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  Dear Sir, As a long-standing and active resident of this community and [as is the case with the majority of people in our community and communities everywhere] I lead a very ...more »

Another letter asking for transparency from parents

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Dear Keith Geary, Chair of Governors, I am disappointed that the governing body voted on Wednesday 4th May for Academy status again. Firstly, the school has still not produced any detailed information ...more »

A Warm Welcome to Lambeth Says No to ‘Free’ School

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About We are a group of local parents teachers and members of the local community opposed to the setting up of theMichaela free school in Lambeth. We think that the planning ...more »

Final Plea to Chair of Governors before they sneak through a vote

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...Lewisham Council and the School have already spent long hours investing in the concept and seeing the materialization of the joint venture. It seems unethical and irresponsible of the school ...more »

Future of Tidemill: Statement from Campaign

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The aim of this meeting is to have an open dialogue between parents and members of the community where we can look at some of the decisions taken by the ...more »

Parents Vent Anger at Academy Meeting

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