Deptford says no to Tidemill becoming an academy

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Mark Elms leaving Tidemill to do what?…make profit!

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A 'SUPER-HEAD' believed to be Britain's highest paid teacher is to open a new academy in Croydon. Mark Elms earned £276,523 in one year and is already the executive head of ...more »

Mammon in the classroom: the men (it’s mostly men) who’ve got their teeth into England’s £35 billion schools pie

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  Will England’s ‘free schools’, the first of which have just opened, be run for profit?  No, says deputy prime minister Nick Clegg.  Not yet, says education minister Michael Gove. Absolutely ...more »

Murdoch has been talking to Michael Gove about educating your children – For profit

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Michael Gove and the Murdoch Empire Michael Gove has had numerous meetings with Rupert Murdoch and other executives from News International in the last year. For more on the links between Michael ...more »

Are profit-making academies the future for education?

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“A few weeks before Michael Gove issued his latest call to arms, Sir Bruce Liddington, schools commissioner in the last Labour government, now director general of the academy chain E-ACT ...more »

Press release: What will Michael Gove do now?

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Press release 16th June 2011: Parents Demand Open Accounting Following an urgent request from concerned parents in her constituency, Joan Ruddock Labour MP for Lewisham, Deptford has written to the Secretary of State ...more »

Wake up Gove: letters from the Guardian

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Profit motive behind academies The coalition's academy programme is the reverse of that of Labour: it is now the outstanding schools, not the ones in deprived areas, which are given the ...more »

Not Gove’s nightmare vision of academies but a real success in community education

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Just imagine a new school... Imagine a school which is by choice placed in the heart... Just imagine a new school where the Headteacher... Just imagine a school where the main objective... Just imagine ...more »