Deptford says no to Tidemill becoming an academy

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Mercury ‘Super-Head’ To Leave Primary

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News Shopper – Mr Elms was unavailable for comment

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Shock News “Superhead” Mark Elms Resigns Today

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  [caption id="attachment_1422" align="alignleft" width="205" caption="Mark Elms leaves the Tidemill Governors meeting"][/caption]   Earlier today, children brought home a letter addressed from the Head Teacher Mark Elms – announcing his intention to retire at the ...more »

Who’s Getting What from Whom?

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I wonder  which were the "nationally important educational bodies and initiatives" that allowed Mr Elms to generate an income of £175,000 for the school and which prompted the governors to award him £20,000 in bonuses: was ...more »

I think it is morally wrong to privatise education and a huge social experiment!

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No primary school academy in Lewisham! Submitted on 9 June, 2011 - 11:42   Leila Galloway from “Deptford Says No to Tidemill Academy” spoke to Duncan Morrison.      My parents are both educationalists and I ...more »

Tidemill: second push for academy

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On 4 May the Governors of Tidemill Primary School in Deptford voted to make a second application to become an academy. The school had hit the national news headlines last year ...more »

Parents loose respect for the school & galvanise the campaign

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  Tidemill invited parents to raise their views either by letter or in person. In a statement released by the school this week, headteacher Mark Elms said  the decision was made by the ...more »

Victory for Parents and Local Residents: Press Release: Saturday 15th Jan 2011

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Country’s highest paid Superhead Mark Elms gets maths wrong in academy bid The governors at Tidemill Primary School in Deptford are about to withdraw their application to become an academy. Though ...more »

Radio 4 Interview

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Listen to it now ... LINK TO iPlayer The Report Who runs England's schools? James Silver investigates the Government's drive for academies. Radio programme includes interviews with SayingNo Campaigner Leila Galloway and parents ...more »

Statement from Steve Bullock Mayor of Lewisham

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Statement on Tidemill School The performance of this school in recent years has been outstanding and the leadership given by Mark Elms has been of the highest order. ...more »