Deptford says no to Tidemill becoming an academy

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Mark Elms leaving Tidemill to do what?…make profit!

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A 'SUPER-HEAD' believed to be Britain's highest paid teacher is to open a new academy in Croydon. Mark Elms earned £276,523 in one year and is already the executive head of ...more »

NO Legal Obligation to Educate Children for a Certain Number of Days says DfE

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Questions need to answered by the DfE and the School – where are our taxes going?

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I don't know how true this comment is but questions need to be asked.   see full post on crosswhatfields read letter from school here more »

Yep – it costs more to implement!

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£829,000,000 cut from the Children & Families budget to finance Gove’s Free Schools & Academies The graph above shows 2010-11′s funding arrangements for Free Schools/Academies & Children/Families in comparison with the ...more »

Listen to Our Concerns on Drivetime with Eddie Nestor

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BBC London Drivetime go to 0:06:15 to Listen   more »

Mammon in the classroom: the men (it’s mostly men) who’ve got their teeth into England’s £35 billion schools pie

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  Will England’s ‘free schools’, the first of which have just opened, be run for profit?  No, says deputy prime minister Nick Clegg.  Not yet, says education minister Michael Gove. Absolutely ...more »

South London Press-16th Sept 2011-Mayor unhappy about academy’s cheap rent!

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A MAYOR has said he was left with no choice but to offer an academy school a "peppercorn rent" to use a new £20million community building. Tidemill Primary School in Frankham Street, ...more »

Investment bankers not just running schools but being invited to be on the board of the government’s department of education

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Education Committee  Revised Select Committee Announcement 8 September 2011 For Immediate Release: Committee to take evidence on ‘The ADMINISTRATION OF THE DEPARTMENT FOR EDUCATION’ Wednesday 14 September 2011 The Wilson Room, Portcullis House Witnesses At 9am, the Committee ...more »

‘Serious Questions over Academy Bid’ The Mercury 22nd June

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Who’s Lobbying Who? mmmm so much for the ‘big society’?

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A website devoted to telling us who is lobbying who in the UK. From May 2010 to Dec 2010 the Department for Education has had 279 meetings. The Parliamentary Under Secretary ...more »