Deptford says no to Tidemill becoming an academy

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‘Serious Questions over Academy Bid’ The Mercury 22nd June

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Has the Chair of Governors got his maths wrong again?

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Yet again Tidemill School claims money as the main reason to convert - but has the chair of governors got his maths wrong again? Chair of Governors Keith Geary says in ...more »

Not Gove’s nightmare vision of academies but a real success in community education

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Just imagine a new school... Imagine a school which is by choice placed in the heart... Just imagine a new school where the Headteacher... Just imagine a school where the main objective... Just imagine ...more »

Don’t believe Government Spin: 70 schools in Lewisham are not academies

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There are over 20,000 secondary and primary schools in England. Despite the bribery and harrassment only 1,000 schools have applied to become Academies this year, and as the financial bribes ...more »


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PRESS RELEASE    Monday 9th May 2011 On Wednesday the 4th May 2011 the governing body of Tidemill School chose to ignore the vigorous campaign of considerable opposition from parents, ...more »

Letter from Lewisham Labour Group

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VIDEO Deptford Says No to Tidemill Academy

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Future of Tidemill: Statement from Campaign

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The aim of this meeting is to have an open dialogue between parents and members of the community where we can look at some of the decisions taken by the ...more »

Victory for Parents and Local Residents: Press Release: Saturday 15th Jan 2011

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Country’s highest paid Superhead Mark Elms gets maths wrong in academy bid The governors at Tidemill Primary School in Deptford are about to withdraw their application to become an academy. Though ...more »

Academy Switch May Jeopardise 20m Plan 1st Oct South London Press

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