Deptford says no to Tidemill becoming an academy

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Whoops we had a chance to meet then it was gone!

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What else is REAch 2 doing?

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London firm to run school on social club site EDUCATION chiefs have completed the purchase of a former Burton social club site for a new primary school — and chosen the ...more »

Deputy head to quit too…SLP

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Mercury ‘Super-Head’ To Leave Primary

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Shock News “Superhead” Mark Elms Resigns Today

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  [caption id="attachment_1422" align="alignleft" width="205" caption="Mark Elms leaves the Tidemill Governors meeting"][/caption]   Earlier today, children brought home a letter addressed from the Head Teacher Mark Elms – announcing his intention to retire at the ...more »

NO Legal Obligation to Educate Children for a Certain Number of Days says DfE

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Local Blogs – £160 just two weeks before christmas!!

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Warning To Parents – Consequences of Academies!

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Parents must pay £100 a week for play scheme while school is closed Parents will have to pay £100 a week to send their children to school under a scheme organised ...more »

Robbing Peter to Pay Paul !

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Mammon in the classroom: the men (it’s mostly men) who’ve got their teeth into England’s £35 billion schools pie

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  Will England’s ‘free schools’, the first of which have just opened, be run for profit?  No, says deputy prime minister Nick Clegg.  Not yet, says education minister Michael Gove. Absolutely ...more »