Deptford says no to Tidemill becoming an academy

Gove’s hellish vision of education letter to Socialist Worker 13th Nov

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Gove’s hellish vision of education

Despite offering extra cash, education minister Michael Gove has failed to lure many “outstanding” schools into becoming academies.

So he has changed his tactics to forcing “failing” schools into academy status.

Gove’s vision is the antithesis of education.

He wants schools to be factories that turn out a “product”. But children are not widgets.

Allowing businesses to run schools as factories neglects the fact that children are as unpredictable and vivacious as space explorers.

The end of this road is that children will be taught according to the needs of the McDonalds and Tescos of this world.

But your child may be better suited to a musical curriculum that a business school would not consider.

Can we go beyond just opposing Gove’s plans and provide an alternative vision of education?

The website has some examples we can look to.

Leila Galloway, Deptford

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