Deptford says no to Tidemill becoming an academy

Andy Burnham, advocate for the comprehensive system 9th Nov: letter Guardian

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10 November 2010 10:04AM

Gove’s vision is the antithesis of education. He fails to see teachers’ and parents’ social conscience. He fails to see the risk to children. He ignores research showing the failure of Charter Schools.

He has so far failed to lure all outstanding schools to become academies; despite the extra cash not many schools have taken up his offer. Therefore he has to change his tactics to force failing schools into academy status as a cure all.

Disowning education and making it someone else’s problem is not what the taxpayer wants to invest in their children. Education factories that turn out “product” cannot achieve progress. Children are not widgets. What can we do?

“Actions against” an assumed enemy require resources, energy and intellectual input to succeed; but, is this affordable? Most of all, can our children afford it.

Education is a process best uninterrupted: using our children as pawns in this battle seems Gove’s central hope; we have seen the brutality of a Government questioned by the people. Can “people power” go beyond hostility?

If we have learned anything, accepting the ideological corrosion of collectivity as a done deal is to buy a subscription to Fascist Weekly. Allowing the conceptual ideals of a business to run schools as factories in order to produce the staff for their organisations neglects the simple fact that these children are as unpredictable and vivacious as space explorers.

Opposition to a Government can reveal the blatant disregard of value accumulated over decades of practice. Putting the management of education into private hands may have many consequences.

The end of this road is a predetermination of what your children will be taught for the needs of the McDonalds and Tescos of this world. This is simply unacceptable because your child may be better suited to a musical curriculum that a business school would not consider. Image the loss of working class heroes who produce intelligent TV, films, books and music. Imagine if they all became footballers. That is slavery.

Yes we must protest, how we go about it determines the nature of the alternative.

Gove is saying if you don’t, I will. Glad to see Labour finally come out!!!

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