Deptford says no to Tidemill becoming an academy

Public Meeting 6th Sept Albany 7pm

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Our school is seeking Academy status. Academies are schools that become independent from the Local Authority. Some people argue that this is like privatising our schools.

Whatever peoples view about academies, there needs to be full and proper consultation with parents and the local community, in which both sides of the argument are discussed in a public forum.

There are many good reasons for this

  • The decision to become an academy cant be reversed
  • It affects whole community, not just current parents
  • Some claim it will mean more money, but others say this will mean taking money off other local schools
  • Some claim it will mean more freedom but other say parents will lose rights over Special Educational Needs etc
  • The school will be run by a trust  a private company set up by the governors. We may like the current head and governors, but what happens when they leave?

Come to the public meeting to join in the debate about the future of Tidemill School.
In the absence of consultation or mandate, the new Government is pushing thorough laws to change the very way in which our children are educated.In place of involved governance by parents involved in the school, it will be a matter of business management and not necessarily in the interests of the most affected. Is it progress or is it actually taking a risk with our childrens future?

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