Deptford says no to Tidemill becoming an academy

Local Parents

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We are parents of two children who go to Myatt Garden primary School in Brockley. We are concerned by news of this application. Any move by a primary school within the borough to Academy status, despite what is said, will have a detrimental effect on funding for other local schools.  Moreover, it will create an admissions scramble which will favour those who are placed in an advantageous position, either through proximity to schools or their own understanding and manipulation of the system. These perceptions regarding schools are often misguided and we are proud to be part of a community which is truly comprehensive and meets the needs of all students in our locality. However, the more schools which take this shortsighted and unprincipled position with regard to provision of an education service which is supposed to provide equality of opportunity, the less equal opportunity becomes.  We believe that governors of a particular school should not be allowed to make reckless decisions which can affect others in support of  what they wrongly perceive to be the interests of their own children.

Moreover, we find it abhorent that public money is being spent to pay the salary of a headteacher who is able to drive a porche,  rather than spending on books and equipment for the children of our borough. However good a headteacher is, provides no excuse for the misuse of public money.  Academy status gives the governors the freedom to allow these excessive payments to continue legally.  Shame on those who allowed this to happen.

We fully support Tidemill against Academies.  Keep up the good work.

This must not go unchallenged.

Spencer Barnshaw
Maureen Oswald


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