Deptford says no to Tidemill becoming an academy

Important News on New Application (March 2011)

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The school produced a letter to parents yesterday about possible academy status and they  hope that this discussion can progress in a respectful and reasonable way.

They have produced a  Briefing Paper on Equalities

We are at a loss to understand what status this paper has?

We are at a loss to understand where they got the evidence for many of their claims, (the document is statistically light).

We need to know if this documment is contributing to the new application for academy status and if so how?

If they were many flaws in their last application which they withdrew, how can they use information that was misleading and/or incorrect to inform their new application?

Copies of these documents can be found on the school website here

  1. Parents Letter- 18/03/11
  2. An Analysis of the Financial Issues
  3. Letters from Lewisham Council dated 15 November 2010, 23 February 2011 and 14 March 2011
  4. The government’s equalities impact assessment of the Academies Bill
  5. Briefing Paper on Equalities for Tidemill School
  6. Link to the DfE FAQs on academy conversion
  7. Single model Funding Agreement
  8. The DfE model articles of association for a converting academy


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