Deptford says no to Tidemill becoming an academy

Free Schools not filling

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Gove's Free Schools are failing to fill places more »

Class Divide

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It's official. Academies increase the gap between rich and poor. You got to wonder what they are thinking. more »

Gove not trusted

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MP Michael Gove and his effect on education has been viewed negatively by parents in a new poll. See The Guardian. more »

Letter from Lewisham Labour Group

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Read the letter from the Lewisham Labour Group more »

Final Plea to Chair of Governors before they sneak through a vote

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...Lewisham Council and the School have already spent long hours investing in the concept and seeing the materialization of the joint venture. It seems unethical and irresponsible of the school ...more »

Changing Education Paradigms

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RSA Animation - Changing Education Paradigms more »

Radio 4 Interview

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Listen to it now ... LINK TO iPlayer The Report Who runs England's schools? James Silver investigates the Government's drive for academies. Radio programme includes interviews with SayingNo Campaigner Leila Galloway and parents ...more »

Photos of Candlelit Vigil

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Candlelit Vigil photos here The Decision? more »

Give us a say!

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Academies: give us a say "The new government wants to make it easier for schools to become academies. Tell your MP to make sure that new rules don't mean local communities ...more »


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A petition for full consultation before Tidemill Primary School is converted into an academy. You can click here to sign it online or Click to download a copy of the ...more »