Deptford says no to Tidemill becoming an academy

Site now closed for updates

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As Gove is no longer in the cabinet and our site founder Leila has gone on to more important things we have closed the site for subscription and membership. ...more »

Tories question Gove Strategy

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Leading Tories are demanding change to government education policy and an easing of cuts, amid predictions that councils in Conservative-run heartlands will soon be unable to provide school places for ...more »

Nicky Morgan is Wrong

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The education secretary Nicky Morgan has today launched a bill designed to sweep away any obstacles when as many as 1,000 “struggling” schools convert to academies. Article in the Guardian ...more »

Michael Rosen in The Guardian

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Michael Rosen in The Guardian more »


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The NUT and other public sector unions held a strike this week, thousands of teachers marched own Regents Street. more »


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Parents of pupils attending a chain of three academies championed by education secretary Michael Gove and founded by his former schools commissioner have been told not to talk to the ...more »

Petition for Gove to resign

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Thousands call for Michael Gove to go in wake of GCSE English literature row Petition demanding sack for education secretary sees surge of support bringing signatures close to 110,000. The ...more »

Gove’s Intent

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Private Colleges absorb student loan funds

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In this revealing investigation, a reporter enters a private college that receives funding from student loans even if students do not attend. A large number of enrollees appear to ...more »

First Academy Chain to Close

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An academy chain in charge of running six state schools became the first in the country to fold today - forcing a sudden hunt for new sponsors to take them ...more »