Deptford says no to Tidemill becoming an academy

April 17th, 2012 at 9:58 am

It’s Official!!!! Tidemill is now under the umbrella of REAch2

Update: 19th April 2012

The page below has been removed overnight from REAch 2 website, mmm what is going on?

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  • CE
    10:13 am on April 19th, 2012 1

    More backroom deals for his mates, more lies, and more money for Elms et-al no doubt!
    This retirement lark is getting to be very profitable! who needs bowls and fishing and country walks when you can still profit in the community eh?
    Time to get the the Authorities/Press to investigate.
    No doubt it is already a done deal and Tidemill will be under a run by a company with 15 minutes of history by his crony friends.
    They clearly don’t care for the children, teachers and parent opinions.
    Chair and Vice Chair will no doubt bury their miniature heads in the ground, as they have done for so long….

    Troll comment to follow below….


  • Bill
    12:20 pm on April 22nd, 2012 2

    REACH2 Limited has just been renamed Hillyfield Primary Academy Trading Services Limited.

  • Leila Galloway
    1:03 pm on April 22nd, 2012 3

    Thanks Bill

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