Deptford says no to Tidemill becoming an academy

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Tidemill Academy parents face £200 bill

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Tidemill Academy, in Deptford, which recently underwent a transition to academy status after a year long campaign by Deptfordsaysno to stop the process, was due to move into a new building ...more »

NO Legal Obligation to Educate Children for a Certain Number of Days says DfE

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Questions need to answered by the DfE and the School – where are our taxes going?

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I don't know how true this comment is but questions need to be asked.   see full post on crosswhatfields read letter from school here more »

Yep – it costs more to implement!

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£829,000,000 cut from the Children & Families budget to finance Gove’s Free Schools & Academies The graph above shows 2010-11′s funding arrangements for Free Schools/Academies & Children/Families in comparison with the ...more »

Listen to Our Concerns on Drivetime with Eddie Nestor

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BBC London Drivetime go to 0:06:15 to Listen   more »

Local Blogs – £160 just two weeks before christmas!!

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