Deptford says no to Tidemill becoming an academy

May 26th, 2011 at 10:01 am

Another letter from the community! but will they listen?


Dear Sir,

As a long-standing and active resident of this community and [as is the case with the majority of people in our community and communities everywhere] I lead a very busy life keeping the wolf from the door, a roof over my head, the bills paid and do not have much time left to research and monitor those who are employed to educate our young people or those who stand for election to school boards and therefore are elected representatives of the community.It seems to me that the will of those determined to change the status of Tidemill School to an academy are determined to do so regardless of the wishes of a considerable body of informed parents, carers and those interested in and engaged in their community to be informed or consulted in an open and transparent manner that contributes to an inclusive and empowered community with a voice that is integral to a society in which people sense their opinions and values have an impact and a part to play in determining the shape and values of the community / society we live in.

I have been following the twists and turns of the attempts to change Tidemill’s status to an academy and I fully support the campaign to stop this happening.My son attended Tidemill from ‘ 94 – ‘ 99 and was, I believe, the first pupil from Tidemill to gain entry to Haberdasher Aske’s. The commitment and hard work of undervalued and underpaid teachers [as opposed to Headteachers – whose influence in a school can be inspiring to teachers and pupils alike within the school, however beyond the school and in the community regardless of occupation or status, the headteacher is one voice among many…]

Academy status has more to do with politics than the interests of the education of young people – on whose interests your attention should not be diverted. Full transparency and consultation to allow parents, carers, and those in the community who are informed to have their fears allayed or confirmed before any vote is hurried through in an attempt to ensure an outcome in the interests of those determined to push this through regardless of due process and the objections from the community. Although there has already been a vote it is not too late to withdraw. I wholeheartedly support the No campaign and urge the board to reconsider and to reject this change.

Yours sincerely

Rankine MacFarlane

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