Deptford says no to Tidemill becoming an academy

May 15th, 2011 at 6:24 pm

Has the Chair of Governors got his maths wrong again?

Yet again Tidemill School claims money as the main reason to convert – but has the chair of governors got his maths wrong again?

Chair of Governors Keith Geary says in the South London Press (13th may 2011)

“The financial reasons are clear- if we became an academy, the benefits to Tidemill in the first year would be around £150K”

The Potential Academy Conversion & Financial Analysis on Tidemill’s website states:

LACSEG for Tidemill for 2010/11 £226,852
The total cost of additional functions £72,802
Leaving total benefit to school £154,050

But does the 150K that Keith Geary or the document take into account:

  • £23,656 of LA non-devolved standards funds or grants would be made available to the trust. But the DfE says this been cut.  Has this adjustment been accounted for?
  • Academies applying after April 7th 2011 will be funded using the new methodology for calculating LACSEG. The school has missed the DfE deadline under the old methodology to guarantee a 90% LACSEG protection. Has this been accounted for?
  • The LEA estimated the figure of additional functions to be in excess of £229,000. Has the school greatly underestimated its costs?
  • The Financial Analysis clearly states that this is only an estimate. How can the governors be sure that the total costs of additional functions will not increase, given that it also omitted various costs?

Keith Geary may claim that the “consultation is second to none” but we have evidence that it is a sham. It will carry on being a sham unless the school stops ignoring our questions and objections but starts engaging with the parents and the community.

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  • angela lloyd
    6:27 am on May 16th, 2011 1

    Its not a surprise considering complaints are coming out left right and centre in Mark Elms the super head and his inability to as effective as once thought.
    Parents are also complaining about lack of parent engagement and the fact he just believes he can do what he likes.
    Currently croydon are investigating a complaint of discrimination and prejudice with a special needs child.
    Croydon obviously believe theirs something init, because theyve hired another head in the interim. Mark elms will be the end to a good establish bond with parents. He now believes his above everyone and needs to be knocked down a peg or two.

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