Deptford says no to Tidemill becoming an academy

January 27th, 2011 at 10:46 am

What the School is not sharing…Call for support!

You may already know that a letter was sent out by the school on Friday 21st of January indicating that they were pulling out of the current application to become an academy.

The school has as yet not indicated in detail exactly why they have made this decision. They have simply said that they have received a ‘solicitors letter’.

We are in a position to tell you that the solicitors acting on behalf of parents have written to the school claiming that there were many flaws in the school’s proposal and consultation process.

The solicitor’s main objections were:

(1) The school failed to comply with its public sector equality duties: a legal binding requirement.

(2) The decision was taken on the basis of, and having considered, misleading and/or incorrect financial information and/or without proper steps being taken to obtain the information that was required properly to inform the decision. One glaring example was that the school estimated it would cost them £60,000 to pay for additional services normally provided by the LEA when in fact the DfE’s estimate was £78,000 and the LEA estimated the figure to be in excess of £229,000.

(3) The decision was taken in the light of a consultation process in which the information presented to consultees was misleading or incorrect.

(4) The decision was taken on a misunderstanding as to the basis on which parental views had been obtained.

We have already, as parents, written to Mark Elms and The Chair of Governors Keith Geary, giving them the opportunity to address these important points. So far they have simply indicated that the governing body would be ‘discussing this matter’

Given the gravity and importance of the situation we feel this is not sufficient and urge you to write to the school asking them to respond to these points as a matter of the utmost importance.

You can write to:

(please send a copy to


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