Deptford says no to Tidemill becoming an academy

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Candelit Vigil Thursday 2nd Nov

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Senior Councillor breaks silence over academy: eastlondonlines

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Leila Galloway, a mother of two pupils at Tidemill and the leader of the “Deptford Says No” campaign against the introduction of academy schools, said: “It is uplifting to finally ...more »

Joan Ruddock MP supports our campaign

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Joan says: "Having now considered all the arguments I have concluded that conversion to an Academy would pose very real risks for the school itself and cannot be in the ...more »

Lewisham Local Authority spells it out

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15% Cuts Says School, DFE Says Not

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Article South London Press today, 17th Nov, 2010 Academies are funded on a comparable basis with any other school. Any additional funding isd to replace the services they ...more »

Spot our posters: Spending Review 20/10/10 – London demonstration

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You couldn’t make it up

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Democratic Choice? They tell parents to sign a form but with no place to say no Commercial "bribes" directed to children including computers to take home, with potential to invade home privacy. A ...more »

***Academy Consultation DEADLINE 15TH NOVEMBER***

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Academy Consultation The consultation ends in two weeks & the pressure is on. WE NEED YOUR HELP This is the consultation document from the school ...more »

Projection onto New Deptford Lounge Today Wed 10th Nov 6.30pm

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Press Release from Deptford Says No Campaign Wednesday 10th November at 6.30pm Deptford Lounge, Giffin Street. Projection: video “Deptford Says No”onto the New Deptford Lounge. The Coalition government wants ‘outstanding’ schools to ...more »

From our mailbox

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I attended Tidemill from 1958-1964. Back then the Head (of the Juniors, which was separately led from the Infants) Mr Parkhouse was wonderful, and rather than being paid a huge ...more »