Deptford says no to Tidemill becoming an academy

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We want our say on school’s future

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Burnham to cast shadow over new breed of academies

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In his first interview as shadow education secretary, Andy Burnham tells The TES of his commitment to comprehensives. Mr Gove has used this fact to push his expansion of the academies ...more »

No to academy schools!

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From The Socialist LEILA GALLOWAY, a parent of two children at Tidemill primary school in Deptford, south London, is leading a campaign to stop Tidemill becoming an academy school, free from ...more »

PETITION Closed Total 784 Signatures

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PETITION Closed        Say No to Tidemill becoming an Academy 784 signatures (85 online and 689 hardcopy)  A warm thank you to all those that signed! The Coalition government wants ...more »

Tory Council Boss snubs Academy dream

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Government adviser from Gove's constituency risks party's ire by saying he 'struggles' to see why his schools should switch The Conservative leader of one of England's largest local authorities has risked ...more »

Letter – Academies will damage our schools

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How can it be that academies, some of them with highly selective admission policies, are allowed to take chunks out of the school funding spent centrally by councils on society's ...more »

Academy Switch May Jeopardise 20m Plan 1st Oct South London Press

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