Deptford says no to Tidemill becoming an academy

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DEPTFORD: Parents sign up against Tidemill academy plans

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Updated 11:30am Monday 30th August 2010 HUNDREDS of people have signed up in opposition to plans that would change a primary school into an academy. Full article here more »

Petition: Consult the community before Tidemill Primary School is converted into an Academy

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Our parody of Tidemill Primary School's claim to fame Click image and sign petition more »

Heads Walk!

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Head teachers have announced their displeasure with having Academies forced upon them by the Government. more »

NUT backs Tidemill Protesters

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a letter penned by Martin Powell-Davies - NUT executive in support of parents who oppose plans to make Tidemill Primary an Academy follows: The Government's plans to encourage "outstanding" ...more »

Why is the government not giving all primary schools equal amount of money?

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Kevin Courtney Deputy General Secretary talks on BBC NEWS about social segregation under Tory academy plans in primary schools. watch Kevin Courtney oppose primary academies here (youtube) more »

CLLR PAUL BELL | Working for Telegraph Hill

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A warm thank you from Tidemill Parents to CLLR Paul Bell for supporting our campaign in his blog; The Government's plans to encourage "outstanding" schools to take a fast-track to ...more »

Teachers unite for academies fight

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Teachers and campaigners will unite in a countrywide offensive against academy schools when the new term begins in September. They are seeking to stop schools bowing to pressure to become academies ...more »

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Tories first flagship bill will sink education fairness Tory policy offers only the "freedom" to undermine each other's education, says Wigan MP Lisa Nandy "I had deep concerns about Labour's academy programme, ...more »

Liberal Democrats call for boycott of flagship free schools

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Patrick Wintour political editor of the Guardian writes; Coalition heading for a potentially damaging split on education as Lib Dems describe Gove's free schools as 'socially divisive' The coalition is heading for ...more »

Letters Academy Schools

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Child education is being sold off Some see the shiny new buildings of academies and think they must be a good thing. Think again. This is what ...more »